The UK’s University Rover Challenge (UKURC) is a major event and part of the European City of Science 2016. Teams from around the World will be coming to Manchester to test their rover designs on our Mars Yard.

The event takes place on the 23rd and 24th of July in the open air at Cathedral Gardens, Manchester, UK. It is open to the public for viewing and should attract a considerable number of people.

Our promotional video has more details:

Please note that we now have a full compliment of teams for the UKURC 2016, but if you are interested please consider entering the 2017 event when details are published.By joining the Mars Society UK you can be informed of these future events.

The UKURC 2016 event consists of three tasks which teams will have to compete while controlling their rover remotely from a command tent, they will only be able to see through the cameras of their rover. The three tasks include:

  • The Mobility Task: Teams will have to navigate over various obstacles in the time frame allowed. Points will be awarded for successfully navigating an obstacle, completing in the time limit, and completing the task without manual intervention.
  • The Scientific Survey task: Teams will have to take camera shots of an area of interest and investigate the rock formation they encounter, they will then have to analyse their findings and produce a report.
  • The Astronaut Assist task: Teams will have to locate tools and carry them to where the astronaut needs them.

The full UKURC 2016 Rules are available here.

July 23-24, 2016, as part of the European City of Science 2016, Manchester UK.


See below for a video from the URC – the event that has been taking place in the USA for 10 years now, created by the Mars Society.