Mcr marathon
Manchester does events well. Here, the Manchester Marathon.

The executive team from the Mars Society UK will directly tailor something for you when it comes to sponsorship.

Outdoor events in Manchester draw huge numbers of people, and our event is backed by Manchester City Council’s events department to make it work the best way possible.

The Mars Society is a not-for-profit organisation. The event represents an incredible opportunity for sponsorship, advertising and outreach due to the unique opportunity of being in the centre of one of the citiy’s main squares; something not usually available to anyone for promotions.

We’re seeking a title sponsor for the main prize of the event, sponsorship for specific items such as T-shirts, promotional material, building materials, and funds for general costs. Please get in touch with us to discuss and we’ll tailor something for you.

poly-mesh-banner-450Sponsors will receive acknowledgement on our website, on promotional material, on the official T-shirts. Pure advertising can be purchased in the form of banners on the hoarding/barriers around the site.


Phone: 07818. 033722