Lucinda Offer_squareLucinda has been an extremely effective Executive Director of the Mars Society USA, a role which she held in the past, and now again appointed in 2015. She has devoted over 10 years to Humans to Mars advocacy and analog research. Positions included leading lobbying efforts in DC, PR Director, and Executive Director. Completed Crew 97 (January 2011) rotation at MDRS as crew roboticist testing NASA/Mars Society tele-operated exploration rover ‘Sandstorm’, as well as four NASA Spaceward Bound Science expeditions researching Mars analogues to Saudi Arabia (Mars and Titan), Australia (3.5 Bya stromatolites), the Mojave (tardigrades), and New Zealand (geothermal vents). Backgrounds in Geology, Design, and Science Communication. Lucinda also combines those talents to teach Physical and Earth science concepts using visual communication. She continues her efforts with publishing Mars-oriented educational materials. First published in 2010.

Specialties:Science Education and Communication
Space Exploration Outreach and Education
Mars and Space Science curriculum
Science Events big and small from 100 to 500+ attendees
Humans to Mars Advocacy
Lobbying for space