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Cemex to supply Mars sand


Our thanks to British company Cemex for supplying the UKURC rover competition with the sand required in order to make our Mars Yard.

It’s going to not just be a UK first, but it may well be a world first where a rover competition has been held in the centre of a big city – in our case, Manchester, and during a major science festival too.

Cemex are providing several tonnes of sand for us to create the areas required for our Mars yard – we don’t want to give away too much here, you’ll have to come along and see the site for yourself July 23-24, Cathedral Gardens Manchester, M4 3BG.

See our eventbrite here 

Volunteer Meeting

Come along and meet us and find out about volunteering! We’re having a get-together on July 12th in Manchester’s city centre – feel free to come along and find out more, or just meet us and find out about the Mars Society – there’s no obligation to do anything by coming along!

July 12, 6.30pm. Venue is The Rise

There’s a Facebook Event for it here

Also on MeetUp

Join Us For Interstellar Event At The Science Museum

bgJoining the Mars Society isn’t just helping research and advocacy of human space exploration, it’s also being part of a community, meeting others and enjoying how science and space exploration are becoming part of our culture. Joining can cost as little as £7 per year – find out more here.

If you’re a member you’ll receive an email with the discount code to book your ticket.

Now, as a reward for joining the society, we’re able to offer discounts off great events, starting with 20% off the Interstellar event at the Science Museum in London on November 25th. The event starts at 19.30, using the Groups Entrance. This one-off screening of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar in IMAX 70mm is preceded by a discussion between the Science Museum’s Director of External Affairs Roger Highfield, Science Museum Fellow of Modern Science Harry Cliff and Interstellar’s Oscar-winning Visual Effects Supervisor Paul Franklin.

Roger is a noted science writer and the co-author of the acclaimed biography The Private Lives of Albert Einstein. Harry is a particle physicist at Cambridge and the Large Hadron Collider.

The panel will talk about the film and about Einstein’s general theory of relativity, the centenary of which we commemorate this year. Covering space, time, gravity, black holes and the origin and fate of the universe, scientists are still grappling with its implications a century after its publication.

Interstellar is based on the theories of physicist Kip Thorne, one of the world’s leading experts on the astrophysical implications of Einstein’s theory. A mindbending sci-fi epic, the film follows a team of explorers on the most important mission in history, as they journey through a wormhole in space in a desperate attempt to save humanity.

£15 – over 18s only (less 20% without our members discount code)

Information for your visit

  • This film is showing in 70mm IMAX and is not in IMAX 3D
  • As this takes place during our adult Lates event, the screening is for ages 18 and over
  • Entry is via the Group Entrance on Imperial College Road
  • Please allow plenty of time to reach the IMAX Theatre
  • Seating is unreserved

Why see it at our IMAX Theatre?

  • Director Christopher Nolan designed and captured Interstellar for true 70mm IMAX film viewing, meaning you’ll see 40% more film image on our screen than on those found at large cinema chains that use digital IMAX technology
  • Our screen is one of the largest in the UK. It’s almost double the size of those found at large cinema chains, measuring 16.8m from floor to ceiling and 24.3m from wall to wall. That’s the height of four double-decker buses or a car park for 64 taxis
  • Experience 10 times the image quality, resolution and sound than you would at a conventional digital cinema, making you feel like you’re part of the action

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