Click for larger image. Credit: The Mars Soceity
How Manchester’s Starchaser Industries helped create the Mars Desert Research Station.

One of the things that this Mars Society Chapter plans to do, is to put together a team to go to the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS). This facility is one of the greatest assets of The Mars Society, and is greatly in demand from researchers, with access given for mission durations of 2-3 weeks for a crew usually of between 4-7 people. As you can see from this photo, the MDRS was created through sponsorship, chiefly among them visible in the photo are Space X owner Elon Musk’s Foundation, and Starchaser Indsutries from Manchester.


£100,000 was given from Starchaser for the creation of the MDRS, which is why the Hab carried the Starchaser trademark “The Sky is Not The Limit”, so it’ll be a nice symmetry for a team from Manchester to finally go to the Hab, some years after its creation.

Crew members eat together inside the Hab
Crew members eat together inside the Hab

The next round of applications to visit the MDRS take place in January, and we’d like to hear from members, students and researchers who might be interested in forming part of the team. Email us at, come along to a meeting, join the society and get involved in this wonderful opportunity. It’s possible one of the team members could also be a journalist, so come on Media City, who fancies a couple of weeks in the desert with Mancunian Martions?